Electrical and mechanical are working closely together in most project. There fore it can be very useful to look at the project trough electrical and mechanical eyes in the early stage of a project to avoid headache at the end.


To get greater flexibility out of a machinery the electrical part is getting more and more. There is a lot more possible with the new technology, but we have to integrate it.

Whit the integration we can be a helpful partner.

Project Management

As for engineering we do the hard and the software, for both of them it is important to do a solid preparation at the start to get the best end result.

Our goal is to create a good concept before we start with the engineering.


After the software is written it has to be commissioned, when the software engineer does this it is probable the fastest and quickest way.

Especially when it is unique software.



Maintenance has to be preformed when a installation runs production, to have a minimum of failures and down time.

Products or methods can change after a while, this means changes in the installation. For this giant of changes we be gladly to support you whit our knowledge.


 Service and Maintenance